Friends at the Falls

Friends at the Falls

Saint Slumber, Overcoming Gravity, The Good Mess

Thu 4/25

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:45 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Friends at the Falls - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Friends at the Falls
Saint Slumber - (Set time: 9:15 PM)
Saint Slumber
All-American Indie Rock.
Overcoming Gravity - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Overcoming Gravity
Phil La Placa and Adam Zaccaria met a decade ago both having a love for music and trying to find a way to give this new found attraction a vehicle to play for the masses. The two wrote their first song together which years later turned into what is now "Her Name" which is not only the single that has driven this band, but the success this song has had is nothing short of amazing. Over the years the two have honed in on their talents and have been very fortunate in the success the music they create together has landed them in some pretty cool situations. Phil and Zac, have opened up for Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, The Sick Puppies, Stroke 9, Rusted Root, The Bravery, to mention a few, they also have had songs like "Mystery Rose" "Collapse" "Her Name" and countless others spun on major and internet radio around the nation and world. "Overcoming Gravity" is a pop rock band in which has its own Pandora station, and is on Spotify and any other major music streaming site. They have a distribution deal and publishing deals, making their music possible to be heard on a global scale world wide. Michael Mazzucca is a long time friend of Zac and Phil's. Michael has watched the two threw out the years and has been playing along side of them since the beginning. Michael is the lead guitar player for the band and is the heart and soul of Overcoming Gravity. His melody sense and taste in notes make for raunchy yet beautiful sophisticated arrangements . Justin Rodgers, is the backbone of Overcoming Gravity, and is behind the kit drumming for the band. Justin and Phil had met by chance, threw conversation Phil was blown away with the amount of passion and love Justin had for music, and how Justin had an understanding what was amazing about music and what it meant to him. When he got behind the kit for the first time it was a no brainer that Justin had the chops and rhythm to keep this band and the people in perfect time. The two of them knew that this band made sense and that Justin should be a part of the flavor. Overcoming gravity has been spun on 93.3 WMMR, Radio 104.5, 93.7 WSTW, Gashouse Radio, and many many others. This band is full of love and passion for their craft and the awareness of what music means to themselves and others, and would never be careless with such an amazingly powerful thing. They will see you all very very soon.
The Good Mess - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
The Good Mess
Venue Information:
The Barbary
951 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125