5 Details About Car Magnets

When initially a business owner or person attains a car magnet they tend to think that they can put it on their vehicle and go with the flow. There are some important details to take into consideration when applying and using magnetic signs. The details when using a magnetic car sign are that they only adhere to steal, they have the ability to fuse to your vehicle, the signs themselves can damage the paint on your vehicle, the upkeep of the magnet in themselves, and if you are going a high rate of speed that could be an issue. They are not horrible details but details that should be taken accounted for. Due to you have bought these to ensure or grow your business, service or product, and not to see the hard-earned money go right down the drain.

The custom car magnets only adhere to the steel. Any surfaces that are plastic, glass windows, and a non-steel surface the magnetized signs will not adhere to them. As most people know a magnet can only adhere to a metal surface or a steel surface. Any surface that is a window, plastic and basically anything that is not steel surface will not stick to. You can not try to apply them to your windows. They would simply fall off. It is a magnetized sign, which is meant to adhere to steel surfaces. Newer vehicles are made of a plastic and steel combination. In this instance, it should adhere to the vehicle just fine. However, some parts of the newer vehicles are completely plastic. This portion of the vehicle will not be able to have the magnet stick to them. Proceed with caution when applying magnetic advertising signs to your vehicle.

The vehicle magnet signs at times may have a tendency to fuse to the vehicle. When this happens you won’t be able to remove them. You would need to seek a professional body shop to assist in the removal of the magnets. This can be an expensive repair. Not saying this happens daily, but it has happened when users leave the magnets on for extended periods of months and years on a vehicle. It is best to use caution when using car magnet signs for advertising on your vehicle.

The truck magnets signs have a problematic issue that could damage vehicle paint. In this they can promote fading, chips, and bubbles. When this happens again you would have to contact a professional body shop. In general, every vehicle has some sort of paint disturbance in the time of owning the vehicle. It is best if using caution and applying the magnet to a clean surface. It is best to use caution when using magnetic car signs.

The upkeep of the automobile magnet is something that you are not told about. Generally, when we purchase a magnet there are no instructions on how to care for the magnet. Upon receiving your custom vehicle magnet, be sure to clean the magnetized side and the advertising vinyl side as well. It is imperative to keep these clean on a weekly basis is a good rule of thumb. If the upkeep is not completed then the vehicle magnets could fall off, individuals could not read them clearly, and it could look tacky. This means potential clients and customers are being lost due to the neglect of the magnetic signs for cars on your vehicle. It is good advice to keep them clean on both sides.

The custom magnetic signs are not meant for high speeds. When engaging in a high rate of speed they will have a tendency to fall off. When this happens you’re losing money and potential customers. Before engaging in a high rate of speed be sure to remove your magnet. This ensures that you will still have your magnet later on but also you can reapply it when you are engaging in a slower speed.

The five important details about car magnets are some that it you are not told when purchasing them at first. The custom vehicle magnets can only adhere to steal, they confuse to the vehicle, they can damage the vehicles paint, the upkeep of the magnets themselves, and they’re not for high rates of speed. Be sure to take into consideration before purchasing car magnets that you have the information needed to successfully apply magnetized signs for cars. The best way to look at custom car signs is they are a glimpse of your business, brand, product or service. You want the best and the utmost professional image displayed for all to see.